Jamey STUTZ (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)

Using insights from David Glacier, Antarctica to model the non-linear, threshold-driven response of Antarctic outlet glaciers to climate forcing

Angela SREMBA (Oregon State University, USA)

Stable isotope analysis of blue whale bones collected from South Georgia and the South Shetland Islands to understand pre-exploitation feeding ecology

Awarded £2290

Swan SOW (University of Tasmania, Australia)

High resolution study of the abyssal (Antarctic bottom water) microbial assemblages within the Pacific and Indian sectors of the Southern Ocean

Awarded £5886.80

Ashley SHAW (Colorado State University, USA)

Joint project with Jasmine Lee to produce models of soil biodiversity distribution and conservation priorities for the McMurdo Dry Valley region of Antarctica

Awarded £1915

Jasmine LEE (University of Queensland and Australian Antarctic Division, Australia)

Joint project with  Ashley Shaw to produce models of soil biodiversity distribution and conservation priorities for the McMurdo Dry Valley region of Antarctica

Awarded £1937

Thomas ROLAND (University of Exeter, UK)

Providing a circum-Antarctic perspective on the terrestrial biological response to recent climate warming, using material collected from the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition cruise.

Awarded £5980

Luis RODRĺGUEZ PERTIERRA (National Museum of Natural Sciences, Madrid, Spain)

Identification of phylogenetic paths for the invasiveness of non-native Poaceae plant species in Antarctica

Awarded £4100

Ewa PONIEKA (University of Cardiff, UK)

Investigating microbial community structure changes during temporal development of cryoconite holes on Antarctic glaciers

Awarded £4590

Estela MLEWSKI (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina)

Diversity and microbe-mineral interaction in microbial mats from the Antarctic Peninsula

Awarded £4139

Freya MITCHISON (University of Cardiff, UK)

Using stable oxygen isotope records of diatoms as a proxy for freshwater release to extend the Antarctic freshwater discharge record back into the Neogene.

Awarded £5988

Elaine MAWBEY (University of Bristol, UK)

Investigating trace metal proxies in benthic foraminifera using core top calibrations and down-core records from the Amundsen Sea

Awarded £5000

Sabrina HEISER (University of Alabama, USA)

The ecology of secondary metabolite production in Plocamium cartilagineum and its population genetic structuring along the Western Antarctic Peninsula

Awarded £3730

Louise BIDDLE (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

Using Seaglider data to observe submesoscale and mixed layer processes in the Southern Ocean Drake Passage

Awarded £5445


Andrew FOOTE (Natural History Museum of Denmark, Denmark)

Investigating adaptation to the thermal challenges of the Antarctic in killer whale ecotypes.

Awarded £4860

Oliver HOGG (University of Southampton and British Antarctic Survey, UK)

A high resolution study on the benthic assemblages of South Georgia’s shelf troughs by remotely operated vehicle: in situ assessment of predictive habitat mapping.

Awarded £3300

Marie VERHEYE (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Belgium)

Development of microsatellite markers to study the genetic diversity and connectivity of Eusirus species (Amphipoda, Crustacea) on the continental shelf.

Awarded £4442

Sara LABROUSSE (National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France)

Antarctic predators to unravel the under-ice mysteries in the Weddell Sea.

Awarded £4650

Jilda CACCAVO (University of Padua, Italy)

Using otolith chemistry to test population structure and life history connectivity of Pleuragramma antarctica in the Southeast Weddell Sea.

Awarded £4305

Madeleine BRASIER (University of Liverpool, UK)

Understanding symbiotic relationships within Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems using compound specific stable isotope analysis: Octocorals and Polynoids.

Awarded £4147

Roksana MAJEWSKA (University of Naples, Italy)

Biodiversity of moss-associated diatoms from the Antarctic Peninsula region.

Awarded £4905

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