We support education and outreach about Antarctica, through an Antarctic Science keynote lecture at the SCAR Open Science Conference, and occasional grants to museums and educational organisations. Please get in contact if you have a proposal.

Antarctic Science Ltd supports a keynote lecture at the SCAR Open Science Conference every two years. The intention is to select topics that are interdisciplinary and commission their presentation by a range of scientists, with due regard to both country of origin and gender.

At SCAR XXXVI Online, Professor Nerilie Abram from the Australian National University, Australia spoke on “Discovering Antarctica’s climate secrets”. Watch again here!

At the joint SCAR XXXV and International Arctic Science Committee conference (POLAR 2018) in Davos, Switzerland, Professor Anna Wåhlin from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden spoke on “The Southern Ocean – globally important, surprisingly unknown”

At SCAR XXXIV (2016) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Dr Elie Poulin from the Universidad de Chile spoke on “Diversification of marine benthic fauna in the Southern Ocean: A Phylogeographic and Phylogenetic Perspective”

At SCAR XXXIII (2014) in Auckland, New Zealand, Professor Carlota Escutia, researcher with the Spanish High Council for Scientific Research in Spain, spoke about “Deciphering past climate and ice sheet dynamics from sedimentary records”

At SCAR XXXII (2012) in Portland, Oregon, USA, Professor Angelika Brandt from the Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum in Frankfurt, Germany spoke on “Marine biodiversity in the Southern Ocean”

Occasional grants are also made in support of specific education initiatives.

For example we recently supported a new display on British Antarctic exploration at the Oates Collection in Selbourne, Hampshire.

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