Natalia SERVETTO (Institute of Diversity and Animal Ecology, National Scientific and Technical Research Counci, IDEA – CONICET, Argentina)

Effects of multiple environmental stressors in Southern Oceans: calcifiers vs non-calcifiers benthic species

Awarded £5681

Julie SCHRAM (University of Oregon, USA)

Seasonal variation and trophic modification of Antarctic benthic macroalgal fatty acid trophic biomarkers

Awarded £6000

Sarah ANDREW (University of North Carolina, USA)

Can Antarctic diatoms use Proteorhodopsin to generate energy instead of photosynthesis?

Awarded £3100

Lydia BACH (Glasgow University, UK)

Coralline algal responses to multiple stressors associated with anthropogenic climate change: does natural variability predict future response?

Awarded £4720

Jasmin McInerney (University of California Davis, USA)

Micro conductivity measurements beneath the Nansen Ice Shelf for high resolution water mass mapping and interaction study

Awarded £5997

Nicole BENAUD (University of New South Wales, Australia)

Structural elucidation and bioactivities of natural products synthesised by Antarctic desert Actinobacteria

Awarded £5264

Rita FRANCO-SANTOS (University of Tasmania, Australia)

Insights into year-round mercury levels in Antarctic Krill and its relationship with environmental and biological factors

Awarded £6000

Danielle BUSS (British Antarctic Survey, UK) and Sarah LAMPERT (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Discovering the genetic identity of historic baleen whale populations on a southern hemisphere breeding ground during the early whaling period

Awarded £5944

Jane YOUNGER (University of Bath, UK)

Evaluating pathogen and parasite diversity in sub-Antarctic populations of penguins

Awarded £5900

David VENDRAMI (University of Bielefeld, Germany)

Temporal analysis of the effects of ice scouring and climate change on the genomic diversity of an Antarctic marine brooder

Awarded £5504

Yun-Ju SUN (University of Bristol, UK)

Southern Ocean Oxygenation During Last Deglaciation: insights from I/Ca ratio in deep sea corals

Awarded £3656

Amy KING (British Antarctic Survey, UK)

The Little Ice Age CO2 drop: Natural, Anthropogenic or Artefact?

Awarded £5890


Mireira Miestra MARTIN (Universidad de Concepción, Chile)

A detailed analysis of the Antarctic krill microbiome

Awarded £6000

Marjolaine VERRET (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)

Meteoric 10Be as a tracer for water infiltration in high-elevation McMurdo Dry Valleys, Friis Hills, Antarctica. Report here.

Awarded £6000

Lucie CASSARINO (University of Bristol, UK)

Investigation of silicon isotopes fractionation from shallow benthic sponges

Awarded £5902

Lucie MALARD (Northumbria University, UK)

Investigating the unique character of Antarctic aerial dispersal mechanisms

Awarded £5855

Marcello BLAXELL (Canberra University, Australia)

Sub-glacial carbonates as indicators of the presence of large, wet-based glaciation of rocky Oases in East Antarctica

Awarded £5752

Siobhan KILLINGBECK (University of Leeds, UK)

Characterisation of Antarctic firn aquifers with combined seismic and electromagnetic datasets

Awarded £2650

Michaël BEAULIEU (German Oceanographic Museum, Germany)

Vocalizations as reproduction enhancers in colonies of Adélie penguins

Awarded £5840

Christopher BULL (British Antarctic Survey, UK)

Revealing the role of tides, eddies and buoyancy fluxes in projected regime shifts in the ocean circulation under the Filchner-Ronne ice shelf

Awarded £5862

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