Beatriz RONCERO RAMOS (University of Seville, Spain)

Linking Antarctic biocrusts metagenomics to their influence on physicochemical soil properties

Awarded £5287

Hanne NIELSEN (University of Tasmania, Australia)

Antarctic Future Workforces

Awarded £4600

Natasha LUCAS (British Antarctic Survey, UK)

Understanding the seasonal evolution of iron supplies and its limitation on phytoplankton production in the Southern
Ocean using a full annual cycle of high-resolution glider observations

Awarded £4756

Leena RIEKKOLA (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Multidisciplinary approach to assessing southern right whale feeding ground fidelity in the Southern Ocean

Awarded £5995

Aswathi DAS (National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research, India)

Impact on the basal melting of the Amery and West Ice shelves by the intrusion of water masses in the Prydz Bay
region of East Antarctica

Awarded £6000

Thomas WILLIAMS (University of Tasmania, Australia)

Pb-Pb dating of Plagioclase Feldspar grains at ODP Site 1165A to study the provenance of iceberg rafted debris
during mid-Pliocene warmth

Awarded £3160

Dieter TETZNER (British Antarctic Survey, UK)

Reconstructing the Southern Hemisphere Westerly Winds during the Last Glacial-Interglacial Transition (LGIT)
(18,000-11,000 years ago)

Awarded £6000

Tyler PELLE (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA)

Drivers of warm water access to the sub-ice shelf ocean cavity of Vanderford Glacier, East Antarctica

Awarded £5269

Yingchu SHEN (University of Bristol, UK)

Unravelling the Southern Ocean paleoceanographic changes over the last millennium using cold-water coral

Awarded £5417

Amandine GAMBLE (University of Glasgow)

Ecology of pox viruses in a Subantarctic seabird community

Awarded £5973

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