Mireira Miestra MARTIN (Universidad de Concepción, Chile)

A detailed analysis of the Antarctic krill microbiome

Awarded £6000

Marjolaine VERRET (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)

Meteoric 10Be as a tracer for water infiltration in high-elevation McMurdo Dry Valleys, Friis Hills, Antarctica. Report here. Publication here.

Awarded £6000

Lucie CASSARINO (University of Bristol, UK)

Investigation of silicon isotopes fractionation from shallow benthic sponges. Bursary report here.

Awarded £5902

Lucie MALARD (Northumbria University, UK)

Investigating the unique character of Antarctic aerial dispersal mechanisms

Awarded £5855

Marcello BLAXELL (Canberra University, Australia)

Sub-glacial carbonates as indicators of the presence of large, wet-based glaciation of rocky Oases in East Antarctica

Awarded £5752

Siobhan KILLINGBECK (University of Leeds, UK)

Awarded £2650

Christopher BULL (British Antarctic Survey, UK)

Revealing the role of tides, eddies and buoyancy fluxes in projected regime shifts in the ocean circulation under the Filchner-Ronne ice shelf

Awarded £5862

Darren KOPPEL (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia)

Does sediment contamination explain spatial changes in the Antarctic benthic ecosystem? Bursary report here.

Koppel et al. (2021) Metal lability and environmental risk in anthropogenically disturbed Antarctic melt streams. Environmental Pollution 287: 117627

Awarded £5264

Sally LAU (James Cook University, Australia)

Exploring how seascape dynamics structure genetic variation in the Scotia Sea. Bursary report here.

Awarded £5996

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