Jaimie CLEELAND (University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia)

Macquarie Island albatrosses: assessing the environmental and anthropogenic influences on population and demographic status and trends. Publications:

Cleeland et al. 2020. Introduced species and extreme weather as key drivers of reproductive output in three sympatric albatrosses. Scientific Reports 8199 (2020)

Cleeland et al. 2021. Disentangling the Influence of Three Major Threats on the Demography of an Albatross Community. Frontiers in Marine Science 578144

Claire HUCK (Imperial College, London, UK)

Continental weathering on Antarctica and Southern Ocean productivity across the Eocene/Oligocene boundary – is there a link?

Awarded £4920

Demian NELSON (University of California, Santa Barbara, California, USA)

High resolution geochronology of the Butcher Ridge Igneous Complex – insight into the timing and duration of the Ferrar Large Igneous Province.

Awarded £4900

Nial PETERS (University of Cambridge, UK)

Powering and Communicating-with Remote Instrumentation on Erebus Volcano, Antarctica.

Awarded £3430


Simon CAMERON (Aberystwyth University, UK)

Humans and their hidden companions cross Antarctica.

Anne JUNGBLUT (Natural History Museum, London, UK)

Quantitative PCR evaluation of cyanobacteria in microbial mats of McMurdo Dry Valley Lakes, Antarctica: identification of keystone taxa in benthic foodwebs.

Awarded £3000

Rocio MORENO CARILLO (British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK)

Levels and persistence of heavy metals in the Antarctic procellariiform community: a 14 year perspective.

Awarded £4900

Michael POLITO (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Mass., USA)

Has Historic Whale and Seal Harvesting and Recent Climatic Warming Altered the Trophic Ecology of Pygoscelis Penguins Over the Last 200 Years?

Awarded £4600


Hilary Dugan (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)

Radon as a proxy for subglacial and groundwater input into the Taylor Valley lakes.

Anne-Mathilde Thierry ( IPHC-DEPE, Strasbourg, France)

Growth and ageing in Adelie penguin chicks facing different environmental conditions.


Michael Beaulieu (CNRS, Strasbourg, France)

Feeding strategies and mechanisms of behavioural and physiological adaptations of penguins to climatic variability: their limitation and impact on population dynamics.

Awarded £3600

Will Goodall-Copestake (British Antarctic Survey, UK)

Population genetic assessment of Antarctic krill.

Awarded £4700

Jeroen Ingels (University of Ghent, Belgium)

Glacial melting effects on the coastal meiobenthic community at Potter Cove, King George Island: the effect of food availability on meiobenthos respiration and feeding selectivity.

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