Anne-Mathilde Thierry ( IPHC-DEPE, Strasbourg, France)

Growth and ageing in Adelie penguin chicks facing different environmental conditions.


Michael Beaulieu (CNRS, Strasbourg, France)

Feeding strategies and mechanisms of behavioural and physiological adaptations of penguins to climatic variability: their limitation and impact on population dynamics.

Awarded £3600

Will Goodall-Copestake (British Antarctic Survey, UK)

Population genetic assessment of Antarctic krill.

Awarded £4700

Jeroen Ingels (University of Ghent, Belgium)

Glacial melting effects on the coastal meiobenthic community at Potter Cove, King George Island: the effect of food availability on meiobenthos respiration and feeding selectivity.

Rebecca Rixon (University of Exeter, UK)

The glacial history of the Antarctic Peninsula ice sheet.

Awarded £3800


Clare Woulds (University of Leeds, UK)

Sources and the fate of organic carbon in chemosynthetic and other Southern Ocean benthic ecosystems.


Melanie Massaro (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)

To investigate whether fluorescent yellow penguin feathers are reliable indicators of fitness and health?

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